I'm super excited to be part of a online movement promoting holistic health for dogs! 

My membership is designed to match your needs, so it depends on the range of information and advice you’re looking for.

The 1st membership gives you access to my private community  you will have  the ability to comment and see the comments of everyone else in the community.

The 2nd membership gives you access to every advocate’s community plus 10% off all Dogly goods.

The 3rd membership gives you ongoing one-on-one chat access to me (which includes a 30 min consult and 15 min distance healing session) plus free shipping on all Dogly orders, and community access to all other advocates.


Use code FREEMONTH for the 1st and 2nd levels to get your first month FREE!

Deep Dive Fusion Energy Healing Session

(Reiki, Kinesiology,  Emotional Stress Diffusion, Aura Chakra Scan) 


Distance  or remote healings use energy that can take place across any  distance  that is sent to a recipient since energy can be sent via thought, emotion, and intention. Stretching beyond the limits of time and space,  distance healing  sends energy  healing  to reach you no matter where you are.

First Time

Complimentary Call

It would be my pleasure to book a COMPLIMENTARY 15 min consultation phone call  for you to ask me  any questions and decide if I am  the right fit for your dog's needs.  

Please note, I am NOT a veterinarian. I am sharing my personal views & experiences about holistic modalities and  over all canine health. I can NOT  diagnose or treat  your pet.