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Please note, I am NOT a veterinarian. I am sharing my personal views & experiences about holistic modalities, canine health, and raw feeding. Always consult with your veterinarian and do not use this information in place of your veterinarian’s care to treat, diagnose or cure your pet. 

Hello Friends...

Welcome to Hippie Houndz where we believe that true wellness is a body, mind & spirit experience.


Our practitioner, RannaLynn is an Animal Naturopath who specializes in Canine Massage and The Healing Touch For Animals® and a member of Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy Association.

She believes in using natural modalities to achieve harmony & balance for dogs to live their absolute best and fulfilled lives.


If you are a dye hard dog mom who is considering holistic options for balancing your dogs health, stress and behavior you are definitely in the right place!

It seems we have unknowingly created the perfect storm for our dogs. Our stressful and often times toxic lives are effecting not only us, but our loved companions as well. Here at Hippie Houndz we are committed to bringing awareness to a superior way of living and connecting with our dogs.


We offer a variety of holistic services in addition to providing discussions on how are dogs often are mirrors to our own lifestyle, insecurities, and beliefs. 

Once I discovered the healing and restorative powers of nature with my own dogs, I became madly obsessed!


That's when I KNEW I had to be the voice for all dogs, stand up against the norm, and share this information with the world!

You can start here by downloading my guide

The 10 Signs That Your Dog Is Stressed

See RannaLynn's Credentials & Trainings HERE




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Coming Soon!


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