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I believe because of the strong bonds we have with our dogs they often take on our stresses and mirror our lifestyle choices. So I educate dog moms on holistic modalities to support the natural healing process and how to reduce toxin overload. Guiding them to create deeper bonds and elevate their lives in body, mind and soul.



Massage  can improve range of motion, decrease risk of injury, relieve pain, improve nerve function, and improve joint mobility.



Energy Healing is a form of healing that manipulates, restores or balances the flow of energy in the body



Proper use of essential oils can safely and effectively help promote balance physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.


When you bring a dog home and they enter your heart, you are engaging into a soul contract to bond and love each other unconditionally for life. 

"Bentley's improvement has been impressive, and he is feeling much better. His stepping out of his crate, and wanting to be everywhere his foster family is. He started walking after his second treatment. At first, he still had to be carried up the stairs, then this week, he walked up them all on his own."

Erica Beresford (Foster Mommy)

"Solow is 13 and has digestive issues as well as emotional trauma form some changes in my life for a couple of years. I could see his demeanor change and he wasn't as playful. Ranna started giving him Raindrop Therapy and Zyto Scans. After his first visit I could see a huge change in him! He continues to improve as well as his digestive issues. He is playful and acting like himself again. When I ask him if he wants to go see Miss Ranna, he perks up because he is ready for his spa day. " Patty Salamino

"My pet Emma was injured in an accident and lost use of both of her right legs. She was pitiful. Ranna started doing body work on her, and after 3 visits.....Emma could walk again. It took a bit long to get full use of her back leg. When Ranna comes Emma gets so excited. She literally hurries as fast as she can to the treatment spot. Ranna is terrific! "

Sharon Lee


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