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ZYTO Balance Scan

& Consultation

Have you ever wished your dog could tell you their emotions, desires, and complications? The Zyto Balance Scanner picks up on the bio-communication going on inside your dog. Bio-communication is any kind of communication that goes on inside of any living being, plants, animals, and humans alike. This type of communication is instinctual in animals when detecting situations for survival. The Zyto Balance Scanner is essential in tailoring custom treatments for each individual dogs needs.

From $45

Energy Healing

Pets have energy fields and emotions just like us. Therefore, emotional and stress management are vital to their well being. Understanding the way the body responds during energy medicine facilitation provides the fundamentals of how healing occurs.  Healing Touch for Animals® is an energy field therapy that supports and balances the body to self heal. Healing Touch For Animals® can assist with overall well-being, health, trauma, grief, separation anxiety, and a myriad of other situations. Also includes Zyto Balance Scan & Consultation.

From $65

Canine Massage

Massage releases positive hormones such as Endorphin and Oxycontin. These hormones reduce stress and decrease or relieve physical effects of stress in the body. Decreased stress improves immunity, improves the circulatory system function, and promotes an optimal environment within the body for natural healing to occur. Massage can improve range of motion, decrease risk of injury, relieve pain, improve nerve function, and improve joint mobility. Includes Zyto Balance Scan & Consultation.

From $75


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